Durasein Kitchen Worktops

Durasein solid surface is an excellent choice for kitchen worksurfaces because it combines true creative freedom for shapes, curves, long seamless runs and integrated sinks with a high performance, easy maintenance material. Durasein solid surface ticks all the boxes for being durable, hygienic, high performance and allowing unrivalled creative freedom. You can do things with solid surface that no other material can , such as create an oversized island unit with seamless slab ends to the floor and integrated sink with inconspicuous joins giving a truly streamlined, free-flowing aesthetic. As a man-made material, it has high technical properties which make it highly resistant to bacteria, water, scratches, cracking or damage.
Durasein Kitchen Worktops

Features & Benefits of Durasein

  • Non-porous hygienic surface
  • Any length or width
  • Seamless joins
  • See full information PDF down below…

Durasein sink collection

An extensive range of sink options are available . Download PDF for full range and information.

Durasein Information PDF Downloads

PDF downloads below include: Full Durasein general guide, plus caring guide…